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The show hits the road…wait, pothole…
May 29, 2006, 3:59 pm
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Yea, bout time I did something else here, at least while my brother is not hogging the com to play Warcraft

Great, the exams are once and for all, truly over,…for the next few months at least. Sure I said that one, two weeks ago, but I forgot the O-level Chinese paper held today. Next time, if people start pressuring me, all I have to do is remember that the paper caters to the entire country, so the standard is not quite as high as many of my classmates think.

Ok, the juicy stuff. I recently had a mini-party at my friend’s house to see him off on his school field trip to the UK. (Lucky…) The main highlights were lunch, Xbox Live, and a movie at the nearby cinema in that order. What I talking about is that tricky little console problem. Why Microsoft will never get my vote in the console race…BTW, it was my first time trying it out.
It seemed pretty enjoyable at first. Then the problems just kept pouring out.

1. The timezone problem. No doubt most Xbox Live players are American, and sleep at night. ‘Coincidently’, their night, happens to be our day. So East Asians find themselves going up against very few opponents, leading to long wait times or worse…the few owls in there, who are extremely pro, or cheaters(see below)

2. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I highly suspect some @*@*@*@ in there are big time cheaters. True, the instructions say that cheating is illegal, and blah blah blah, but when someone takes a shotgun blast pointblank, not to mention in the head, then, survives to trash the crap out of you, it really makes one think about things…

3. The games have a habit of disconnecting and trying to reconnect. This means that suddenly, in the middle of the most important event,…the whole things collapses and tries to re-establish the game. This is, well, annoying to no end. Not to mention, distracting, anti-climatic, idiotic, disorganized…the list goes on.

Sigh…I have better uses for my time. Oh well, it’s fun when I do win.


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X360’s Xbox Live is a little less so, but Xbox Live is full of cheaters. The biggest cheaters are easily found out (the ones who hard-mod their console to give themselves invincibility, the ones who reset their routers in a certain way in order to lag up the game and get a few free kills, etc), but it’s the ones who know the subtle game exploits that are harder to find out and will get you every time.

Comment by gourry

Yea, I really can never tell the cheaters apart until the match becomes terribly one sided.

Comment by rdrake

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I don't watch ANIME.
I want to know why people like it.. or what's cool with it.
I might want to try watching it someday,
what can you recommend?

Comment by Jayson

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