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June 5, 2006, 1:23 pm
Filed under: Anime

Ok, the show I've been watching at the 11.30 slot finally ended off. Since I'm a big GONZO Digimation fan, I put up with the awful timing to tune in. Sunabouzu was, well not exactly a fluke. But it won't end up on my list of favorite anime of all time. Sure, I loved the humour, but while there was good presentation and all, it just couldn't match up to Vandread (I think this is the most similar anime to Sunabouzu by GONZO, possibly even made by the same team). Sometimes, the ideas didn't come across.

A further problem was that unlike Vandread, which stuck to a persistently bright cheery atmosphere through the series, even during the sad or darker parts, Sunabouzu appears to be undecided, with the atmosphere constantly swinging. Was slightly disconcerting.

But in other aspects, all pretty good and well. The OP and ED themes, not too bad, I suppose, though the rest of the BGM isn't very noticeable. The CGI is great as usual. Doesn't crop out as much as I like but hooray, it is good.

 Well, I suppose that's about it. It is, after all, not a very big piece of anime. My classmate said he could hardly find torrents of it.


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