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This is a spooky vampire. He wants to saaaahhhk your blaaaahd.
June 6, 2006, 2:43 pm
Filed under: General Schtuff

Nice. Today was my blood test. I feel…not much different, even minus that tube size amount of blood. Very anti-climatic…

What scared me was the nurse saying that my blood seemed pretty thick, an indication that I'm somewhat more dehydrated than normal. This means that…THEY TOOK MORE BLOOD THAN NORMAL!!! GAH! How much is the maximum blood loss for humans?…

 Ok, I'm still around to write this, so why am I worked up? Sorry, I'm just afraid of blood. Seriously. Everytime I even think about it or something, I feel sick. Sad but true, my life. I can't even study biology properly because this gets in the way. Looks like a medical career is out of the question…


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Heh. I can put up with any amount of fake blood in the movies, but I cringe at the sight of more than a trickle of real blood.

They’ll never sell me on this bullshit claim that movie violence desensitizes people to real violence. -_-

Comment by gourry

Yea, it’s like I have this inborn trait that puts me in woozy mood around blood. It’s especially bad when I also have to , at the same time, think about the blood as it goes around the body and so on…that claim about desensivity is truly bullshit, I say. Wonder who came up with it?

Comment by rdrake

Conservative church-goers who view all change as evil.

Comment by Sotanaht

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