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June 14, 2006, 1:56 pm
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All right, gonna be off on holiday for a week starting tomorrow. Just before I go, I’m going to put up some updates…Where should I start?

Firstly, I’m going to celebrate, cos I’m losing 5kg and counting. Just 5 more to go.

Next, at the risk of giving Gourry a heart attack or something, I’ll update the current standings in the favorite character GP. So far Lina is tied against Rosette…Gourry, do something…

That brings me to the next point. Why do I support Lina in the first place. I have never seen The Slayers, never known Lina much,…blahblahblah. On the other hand, I’m a GONZO fan and ought to be supporting Rosette, have read the Chrno Crusade manga…

I’m going to put out this recording of a conversation…

Gourry speaking)

Rank: I will roll that D20. On a 1 thru 19, Rosette wins.
On a natural 20, Lina wins.
I’m not worried. Why? Because I roll motherf***ing 20s. And I do it EVERY TIME.
Srsly. Those of you that are voting for Rosette have either A: never seen Slayers, or B: are suffering from a momentary lapse of reason.

Rankendrake speaking)

Actually, I myself have never seen Slayers before…
I have read Chrno Crusade…
Why then, am I still supporting Lina?…
Because of a temporary lapse of reason…

Gourry speaking)


Rankendrake speaking)

LOL, it must have blinded me or something…

See? Well, I think I finally have the answer. The reason why I vote for Lina is simple. I don’t like to lose. I voted for Lina the first time because I had no idea who to vote for. Gourry tampered with my mind then or something. Now that I’ve supported Lina all the way, I’d hate to get shot down right at this point. Quite a simple but elusive reason…


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I’m tellin’ ya.

Watch Slayers. Read Slayers. Whatever you have to do to expose yourself to it, do so. You will not regret it.

Lina Inverse is one of the best anti-heroines EVER, bar none.

Comment by gourry

Problem is, how long ago was Slayers? I can’t find it anywhere, bar one of the movies…and where was that?

Comment by rdrake

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