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Guests, we have guests. Out with the cake….
June 29, 2006, 7:40 am
Filed under: General Schtuff

I finally am starting to see a bigger stream of traffic here. Slight improvement only, but it’s still a start. There is also the the first search term referral that I’ve managed to find.


 I shall stick to line that I’ve been saying to him. I thank all the people out there who have made this possible instead of doing to me what they did to Gourry here. Thank you, and keep up the good work.


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Your proof image hurts me eyes…
But anyway, you’ll soon be cursing the day that Google refers you for anything. ^^

Comment by Sotanaht

Sorry for the pain. But it isn’t as bad as what Gourry is probably suffering…a twinge of conscience, perhaps?

Comment by rdrake

That’s simply not possible. I’d assume it is only a matter extremes, and even psychos like us have limits. Which happen to be far, far, far from the limits of those Google pedophiles.

Comment by Sotanaht

The time is coming.

Yes. Soon, you will see the horror of Google.

Sadly, as your post count increases, so does your searchterm frequency. ;_;

Comment by gourry

I think I’m ready for it. What’s the worst Google can throw at anyone, given the fact that it’s a non-human entity.

Comment by rdrake

You will eat those words. With horse-radish and mustard.

Comment by Sotanaht

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