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Unlike chickens, cats DO know how to cross the road…
July 2, 2006, 1:54 am
Filed under: General Schtuff

Just last night as I was coming back from the mall, I saw something that was probably the most amusing thing I’d seen all day. There was this cat just sitting on near to one side the road, like it was resting there. I was bewildered why on earth a cat would choose to sit there for a rest. It’s about the equavalent of resting on a frying pan in terms of danger. So this cat was just sitting there while all the cars rolled by.

To explain more clearly, that section of the road is actually a T-junction. The cat was sitting on a spot where had a car gone straight, it would have been raodkill. Keep in mind that it was night time and dark. It would seem though, that all the cars were turning, and the cat was safe. Then as soon as the last car went past, the cat got up and simply walked over to the other side. How on earth did it know that all the cars were turning and that it was safe to sit on the road?

 There was also this incident a few nights ago. Happened at 5AM in the f***ing morning…on a schoolday. This discontented guy came over to the next block and started screaming at the top of his lungs at someone who lives over there. He also went on to bang on the van of whoever had been stupide enough to park it out of the carpark. I got woken up, of course. Soon enough, this guy on the second floor came out to talk to him. Unfortunately for the area, the angry guy just wouldn’t stop shouting, even though the target of his attentions was less than a meter away. How retarded is that, wasting so much energy and sleep.

 I wasn’t the only one woken up. Somebody else on the fifth floor of the other block got rudely awakened too, given his staring at the scene…like mine…Well, he went in to call the police and they popped up a couple of minutes later. (The new police station is not very far off.) The crazy man finally relented and stopped waking the neighbourhood. Then the fun all fizzed out…funny effect the police have.

 Anyway, National day is coming up again. The Air Force is back in full force. I can hear the choppers and jets again…

You just gotta love life in the heartlands…


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