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Karas. Anime of the year? How bout decade? More fitting.
July 4, 2006, 1:32 pm
Filed under: Anime

Oh my goodness…Karas has graphics that will blow you out of your seat. I once said, that like Fwiffo, I use Vandread as a benchmark for all anime, and it’s my all time favorite anime. Karas has by far surpassed it, my goodness, and is all set to take over that position.

The CGI, for one, is very good. High colour and realistic, unlike the pastel casualness of Vandread. The soundtrack is also very high quality. Sure, the OP is just an instrumental rock piece, but the ED? I want it. It rocks. The battle scenes seem to have a orchestral piece in the background. Very artistic touch.

 But sadly, only three episodes have been released (even the packaging looks cool). Apparently, in the US, Karas is marketed as a movie? It’s a series, three episodes or not…There has got to be more, it can’t just end the way it did.


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i know this is one of me fav s… this year… sooo many anime series hv ended with out continueing…. like my top all time anime BERSERK

Comment by jahan.

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