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If it’s the little things that count, can’t you even get those right?!!
July 5, 2006, 3:55 pm
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I’ve been using the school computers in the library during recess regularly for some time now. And there’s something that really irks, me, though I can’t quite explain why. In order to prevent mass exploitation of the computers, the library keeps the mouseballs at the desk so as to force people to sign in before using them. This means that every new user who comes in has to take the mouseball from the borrowing counter, then return it later. Many a time, these people conveniently forget to screw back the little disc at the bottom of the mouse after removing the ball. Thus, when I pick up the mouse to insert the ball, the disc is left behind on the table. Perhaps to some, this is nothing, but it definitely irks me to no measure. Furthermore, there is nothing I can do about it short of making myself look like a complete idiot, which is out of the question.

To all those misguided fools who persist in not screwing back the cover after using it,…screw you all…

Oh, by the way. I’m going to try join the Megatokyo forums. Hopefully there’s alot more intelligent conversation there. AMP3S has been rather slow of late. I wonder whether Gourry was trying to drag me in there or warn me away from MTF…He worded himself pretty strangely

Gourry: The forums are a scary place, full of death…

Forgive the missing bits at the end, but I lost the records of our conversation.


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It’s hard for me to actually post anything in MT forums, mainly because there is always at least ten people who post something similiar to my own opinion before I get a chance to.
Interesting reads though…

Comment by Sotanaht

Exactly. Also, I have this habit of liking to play devil’s advocate…

Comment by rdrake

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