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Preference is key…
July 18, 2006, 7:09 am
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OK, I managed to get my my Thai classmate, Thosaporn, to tell me where he gets his Jpop collection from. Apparently, he bittorrents them all from jpopsuki.com. I haven’t done any torrenting for a while, mainly because of computer problems, as well as the lack of time. This though, might just pull me back in.

(I will now proceed to arm myself with earplugs in case Gourry takes the opputunity to try ‘persuade’ me to start downloading episodes of Haruhi. All I’ll say for now is, all things have their place.)

 For my torrenting needs, I have this handy little program called Azureus. It’s pretty complex and all, supposedly one of the better torrenting programs. But though I can get it to work satisfactorily on most occasions, I lost when it comes to streamlining it for maximum performance. Thosa says that I should adjust the preferences, and that he’ll give me a link to a forum page where someone left instructions. If worse comes to worse, I might even switch to BitComet, which he use.


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I’ll grab his earplugs Gourry, the rest is up to you…

I’ve been using Shareaza myself. Extremely easy to use, for those rare occasions when I ever need P2P.

Comment by Sotanaht


I use more complex stuff because I use P2P more often.

Comment by rdrake



You need to watch Haruhi, and you need to watch it yesterday.

That is all. 😛

Dammit, they need to finish up with the AMP3 fixes, as I still can’t post there. >_

Comment by gourry

I knew this was coming…

Comment by rdrake

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