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Rival Schools 2
July 25, 2006, 12:56 pm
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Ok, review time. I’ve been playing this game at the arcade for a while now. I think I’ve pretty much gotten rather good at it. Don’t come specifically to challenge me though. I’ll freak out if I lose my 50 cents.

Well, as compared to the original version. This has come quite far.

Basic storyline, which I’m still unsure of, thanks to the Japanese text…Someone’s going around stirring up trouble in the area’s schools. The student are going up in arms to investigate.

Now for the important stuff. Standard Capcom system, means move back to block, double tap to run and all that. Like most games, there’s the ryu-like guy, Batsu….

What’s nice is that this game has a good thing going for following up with your attacks. Take for instance, Ran the photographer. Two light hits, one medium, and a choice of sending the other guy up into the sky for further wacking, or a heavy blow to stun followed up with a photo shot (ranged attack). Quite interesting, the things you can do when you figure out the basics.

What I also like that seems special and unique to this is the team combos. Most of the other capcom games give general team ups where team mates pop out and do one of their attacks, which can be blocked diverted, escaped, or heck, even get your team mate hurt when the enemy hits him. Here, it works differently. Calling in a friend for help costs 2 out of 5 bars of energy, more than normal specials. Then, if the attacking movement, which varies per friend, is succesful, you, in a sense, leave the fight mode and switch to something pre-rocorded. For example, when calling Kyosuke (Yes, he’s in SNK vs Capcom 2), your main character punches forward. If it connects, he jumps in and starts hitting the enemy in tandem with the main character. It’s pre-recorded, so you don’t even heve to touch the controls during that period.

What I like is the character Iincyo. Her summon heals you. Both your health and energy…Like a cheat…

Well, got to get back to whatever I’m supposed to be doing. This is the first game review, but certainly not the last. I’ll put in stuff when I can.


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