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Argentosoma Review
July 26, 2006, 3:35 pm
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Ok, next one coming up. As I said, I did these some time back, and am shifting them here for safety. But enjoy anyway.

アルジェント ソーマ (Japanese)

Another Sunrise Co production for you people. This one is about an earth ravaged by alien attacks, and the journey of exploration for the elite team put together to stop the attacks. Not much in terms of fun and games, more another serious scifi like my last review.

The biggest character is Ryu Soma, real name Takeshi Kenishiro. He’s a researcher, whose girlfriend was killed and he himself badly mauled during an secret experiment to awaken a machine/alien made out of recovered alien parts. Swearing vengeance, he is visited in hospital by a mysterious man who gives him a new identity and a place in the elite team ‘Funeral’, with the condition to transmit ‘Funearal’ data out of the base. Other characters include Harriet ‘Hattie’ Bartholomew, a girl who is able to communicate with the awakened synthetic alien Frank, and other members of Funeral.

Staying serious all the time, the series maily focuses on Ryu Soma, and his double identity. His face after the accident is already proof of his two sides. Throughout the series, he struggles with his desire for vengeance and his softer side. Later in the series, the funeral team confront the discovery of Frank’s awakening from his dumb state to reveal his persona, as well as the origins of the attacking aliens, not to mention the political turbulence it brings.

The animation appears to be quite good. No blaring neon colours, or CGI though, but it fits the mood. Highly reflective. The opening for the series isn’t too bad, and so is the ending theme, but the rest of the music appears to have slipped out of my mind. Not by accident, mind you, there isn’t much to begin with.

VA wise, i must say that this is definitely one series where the dub is better than the sub, if only because the voices fit more. Since the whole thing is set in the USA, with all the characters Americans, save the British pilot, it’s certainly better to hear it all in English. Actually, especially Dan Simmons, because the guy who VAs him has got the accent right, upper-class British.

Overall, another more reflective series for the thinking people. Maybe 8/10, but will vary depending on how fun loving people are. (If they are looking for something like Love Hina, then they’ll be seriously disappointed by this.)

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