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I really empathise…
August 2, 2006, 3:04 pm
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Well, I’ve only watched episodes one to three, but I think it’s time to put up something on those episodes.

I suppose the central character would be Haruhi. Unfortunately, I, being the part time loser that I am, seem to feel more for Kyon. We have quite a few similar characteristics…Sitting in the back of the class one of them, hehe. What else? Well, Kyon is quite a cynical guy, it seems. He doesn’t believe much good is going to come out of the SOS brigade (kinda obvious from episode 1). He’s just in it to make sure nothing too bad happens. That protective streak so far covers Mikuru, hopefully no one else needs it.

Then after that, I realized something. The members (not chief. Haruhi is the big exception) of the SOS brigade seem to be all pretty passive. Kyon the cynic getting dragged in…Yuki, er, just happened to be there and didn’t move away…Mikuru getting kidnapped and forced in (the worst…). Either they all have weak personalities, which doesn’t seem all that possible, except Mikuru, or Haruhi is just one big glowing, radioactive blob of aggression. Seriously. I think she has not only lacks all and any passive personality traits, but she’s locked and loaded to the teeth with a complete lack of restrictions.

I think Yuki phrased it best. “I am not referring to the absence of universally accepted personality traits”.


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Yo!! tSp here. Just stopping by.
Nice blog, u design everything urself?

Comment by tsp

Er, ya…Want me to leave links to jpopsuki here?

Comment by rdrake

Nah it’s ok.
Here’s the link for faster bt speed


Comment by tsp

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