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You have got to be kidding me…
August 10, 2006, 2:41 am
Filed under: Anime, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Ok, I watched a stretch of Haruhi from episode 4 right to…er, 8, was it?

Now I’m confused. Very confused. It’s as if the people over at afk fansubs mixed up the episodes and renamed the around wrongly. Somehow the time frame is all over the place, and I can’t seem to get any story out of it. It’s just too confusing.

Someone please tell me that this is normal and is supposed to happen…

 Because of that,…no reviews till my head stops spinning.


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Haruhi’s episodes were intentionally aired out-of-order.

The reasoning for this will become clear later on.

You will have seen the series’ ending before you watch the final episode, but the episode they chose as the final episode to air presents the MOST FITTING ending.

Rumors persist that the Japanese DVD release will present the episodes in chronological order, which I personally feel will rob the show of some of its magic.

Comment by gourry

Ah..that’s something I guess. It’s horribly confusing still…

Comment by rdrake

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