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Erementar Gerad anime review
August 13, 2006, 3:11 pm
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Erementar Gerad

This series is one based on the manga. Basically, it’s about the adventures of a boy named Coud, and the Edel Reid he awakens. Plus, the Arc Aile(An official Police / Military group) team who decided to follow them on their journey to Edel Reid Garden(some fabled paradise).

I realize a little background is needed here. The setting is the world of Guardia, with among the population a mix of normal humans and the Edel Reid, who are a race of women able to merge with a human as a weapon.

On the average, it’s quite a good show, with a generally light hearted storyline, and more seriousness as and when needed, though the overall impression is that everything is just being brushed past. But the exploration of cross-race relations is good enough to sustain it.

In terms of graphics…ok, I admit to buying a lower grade copy, but it was all there was. So I don’t think it’s safe to say that the animation isn’t too bad. By going through other review, I’ve deicided that the graphics are, yea, not too bad.

Also, a big perk is that the sound is pretty good. The soundtrack is/was available here somewhere, and the OP/ED themes are good. In all, a good mix of genres, with a technopop OP, symphonic BGMs, and a ballad for the ED. Very melodious for the overall effect.

Voice acting is above average too. Nothing outstanding to say about it, but at least nothing bad either. Maybe it was that the show didn’t exactly allow much space for the seiyuus to work with.

Overall, interesting enough, good mainly for the storyline, and it’s emotional explorations. As a somewhat above average piece, I’d say go for it as and when you have the cash and time, but not over something better, unless you’re more an arthouse person.


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