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Full Metal Panic anime review
August 13, 2006, 3:17 pm
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Full Metal Panic review

I’m still banging my head against the wall for not doing this earlier. As a big GONZO fan, this ought to have been pretty high prioritied. Full Metal Panic(FMP) Please, this is the original series. Not Fumoffu, or the second raid. Try not to mix up. Also do not mix up with Full Metal Alchemist(FMA). I know that there’s only a difference by one word, but that should be enough. By most standards not too bad. Sagara Sousuke works for a mercenary organisation called MITHRIL, which seeks to protect certain people known as ‘whispered’, who hold in their subconciousness specs for highly advanced weaponry. Sagara’s latest ward is high school girl, Chidori Kaname, who has no idea just how special she is and what’s coming up for her. A somewhat mixed anime, close to the style of Vandread. FMP is without doubt, a mixture of two quite different genres, which is why it’s sprouted two follow up series, very different from each other. The first part of the series is mainly on school romance comedy, starring soldierly Sousuke being unable to fit into the school life. Most of the rest is pretty much devoted to heavy mecha, sci-fi action. Characters and plot, are on the overall, pretty good. Mostly well developed, and a rather wide range of views and angles of the situations provided throughout. Best character was probably Sousuke, and I guess that he really does deserve a place on Gourry’s Grand Prix. Alot of the series is also very emotional, so watch out, didn’t see much like from GONZO in anything else until one part in Peacemaker. A wind in the homeland 1,2, and 3 made me cry……… Graphics are as usual, what we know GONZO for. The CGI and handrawn blend still is smooth as ever here, and the sharp and crisp edges on the Mecha fit the mood pretty well. Lovely work, and a real triumph, though Fwiffo probably thinks Vandread is still better…No need to shout, I agree… Audio wise, I’m a bit rusty, but I really liked the OP/ED,…can’t seem to find the ED now, yea, they’re good. Also the soundtrack wasn’t too bad, though I’ve forgotten it, watched it along time ago, after all. Voices? As subs go, this had some quality at least, with matching enough voices against roles, and most of them serious and somber enough to fit the emotional mood right. If anyone wants me to add a comment on a dub if available, PM me,cos I don’t have a dub. And in the end, I’ll leave a sign on this anime saying that anyone who overly criticises this series, I WILL STRANGLE TO DEATH IN A PAINFUL AND HORRID WAY. I’ll go off for a while and see if I can think up any of the weak points, but if not the grade here is a pass with flying colours. Anyone who hasn’t seen this is missing out quite a bit. As a recently added sub-note to this review, there is a manga for FMP out and about. I’ve seen it. Certainly doesn’t look like much to someone who saw the anime first. I might just check it out, though, given a recent turn of events.


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