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Not another ****ing ghost…
August 19, 2006, 11:16 am
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Well, I suppose it’s only right to talk a little more about any game that I start to ramble about…

As I said before, I’m currently playing this nice little game called F.E.A.R. Really interesting piece of work, I must say. It’s basically a first person shooter, except with a few nice tricks.

Game concept: Really quite ingenious. It’s a FPS with ghosts in it. Yea, like Fatal Frame but different. This time you fight more human enemies, while the ghosts are there to scare you. So far I haven’t met any hostile ghosts…(OK, one, but that’s during cinematics).

Next bonus under concept? Slo-mo. It’s basically something that comes out of playing a character with super-reflexes. Hit the control button and everything simply slows down for a short period. Not very long, but enough for you to kill maybe two or three enemies while they are still lining their sights on you. Of course you do slow down yourself, only your own brain is running at normal speed, but as I said. It’s good enough, and it’s fun.

 Graphics: Really cool. The cinematics aren’t much though. But it’s well made up for in the actual gameplay graphics. Now those, are good. Especially since the battle moves pretty quickly. The lighting is dark, and so you have to use a flashlight most of the time, but that’s not because of a attempt to hide bad environmental visuals.

Well, maybe I’ll do a better review when I actually finish the game…well, in that case, I’ll leave with a pic I randomly grabbed off the net.

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