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Er,…What In The World?!!!
August 20, 2006, 2:05 pm
Filed under: Movies

You have got to be kidding me. What kind of stupid name for a movie is that?! Snakes on a Plane! … The industry is floundering, it’s sinking…

Look. At least think of something better. The only good point I can think of is the handily memorisable initials for the movie. SOAP. Now that’s something easy to remember.

To be fair, I’ll give the  other side of the story, and why this could be at least an average movie. Snakes on a Plane plays on a multitude of phobias all in one movie. The fear of creepy snakes, the fear of heights, and the fear of small enclosed spaces. Generally, most movies only do one at a time, think Anaconda (snakes), Vertical Limit (heights), and …I can’t think of a movie to do with claustrophobia, sorry. But you get the point. This one could be interesting because of all these possibilities mixed into one one-and-a-half hour session.


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