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Infinite Ryvius Anime Review
August 25, 2006, 6:31 am
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Infinite Ryvius:
This is a 1999 Sunrise Co production. It’s basically about this few hundred teenage space cadets, who get trapped in a crisis situation in space due to some merciless political wrangling. When their training station gets destroyed, and all the adult intructors killed, they find a spaceship in it to escape to. The rest of the outline is simply their floating from place to place, trying to survive attacks against their ship, and finding a place that will take them in or rescue them.

While it appears boring, the main focus of the series is the interpersonal relations of the people onboard the Ryvius(the battleship the cadets escaped to). Because it obviously cannot capture all few hundred, it focuses on a more select few. Navigator trainees Kouji Aiba, Yuki Aiba, the Zwei (elite class of trainees), the supervisors (a group of students who took over to restore order onboard the ship), and those who surround them.

I’ll forgo most of the character descriptions because having to do all of them will take forever. Kouji Aiba is just a drifter, still looking for what he wants in life, and a follower of the path of least resistance. He’s a big contrast to his younger brother Yuki, who appears to be a rebel, and someone not afraid to fight for himself. Of the Zwei, there’s Juli Bahana, the unofficial leader of the Zwei, whom everyone looks to for leadership. However, she finds that she does not have the ability to be a good leader; she is simply the best among them, and she has no great love for her position. Among Kouji’s friends, Faina S. Shinozaki is a very striking one. Somewhat religous in her own right, she attempts to change Kouji into her image of perfection, and tries to exact vengeance when she fails. A person who does not shirk from murder, her layers of personality are very… interesting.

As for the graphics quality, I can say it’s not too bad for something made before the turn of the millenium. No grainy shots, and the style appears to be a less clear cut version of one of the older gundam series. The music has an hip hop theme, to it, and is okay, so long as you don’t get tired of hearing more rythym than melody.

Must say the story is superb, though, it’s not very easy to keep track of all the shifting relations all at once. A friend who watched a couple of episodes somewhere in the middle told me he could make neither heads nor tails of the whole thing. And the actings not too bad, even if the seiyuus could have put in a little more emotion at times. Though the average mood of the series is pretty depressing, the way it seems to seep into the voice acting and cause monotony on occasion can be a put off.

Overall, not too bad for a series if you have the time and money to burn. (I found out that if I waited a couple of weeks, I could have gotten it for half price, nnow I’m kicking myself in the head.) It’s a rather serious series, though, so I don’t exactly recommend it to fun lovers, or to those easily depressed.


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