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Melody of Oblivion Series Review
August 29, 2006, 7:59 am
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Finally, I brought pictures this time, guys…Er, ok, their all pretty small, I know.

Melody of Oblivion/Boukakyu no Senritsu

I think it’s now safe to say that GAINAX appear to have a knack for churning out weird/bizzare anime. First there was Evangelion, then Furi Kuri, and now this. While the overall storyline is there, and not too hard to follow, there’s this whole chunk of symbolism plunked in…though I have a nagging feeling that some of that is more due to laziness than anything else.

Basically, this anime follows the travels of a young boy named Bokka, who aspires to be a warrior, in an earth made peaceful after it’s conquest by monsters. His travels bring him through several areas dominated by the so called Monster Union, humans in charge of keeping the peace for the monsters, and to sacrifice children to them. Bokka becomes a part of the Melos Warriors and sets out to bring and end to the monsters.

Visuals…can’t say too much, I guess, but it’s not like that’s GAINAX’s niche. But a point is that the lighting is not really conducive for good graphics…yeah, I’m serious. There’s alot of weird colours at times. I’d say things barely hit average here.

Audio? I was blown away. This is the reason why the below par graphics are fogivable. The series uses music not just to compliment it, but as a part of it. As a result, the wide spread, which ranges from orchestral to techno is very well done up and thought through. The OST fo rthis series is getting a must get recommendation from me. After all, the title itself suggests something. Oh, and the OP and ED are really something to look out for too. Good choices there, both of them.
Sub—I’ve only got a sub, so I’ll just say that it’s good enough. Above average, as subs seem to go.

Plot? Wonderful. Way easier to pick up than Evangelion, maybe because it’s spread out a bit, and pretty captivating. A few interestingly new concepts in story here and there, and yes, the chunks of imagery…please don’t ask me to try to explain it all.

Overall. A pretty good show. Just not your average anime. Not that’s going to freak you out, but it’s…different. I’m just not sure how to describe it. Sorry for this somehow weird sounding review. Not that the whole show is weird, but I need someone else who’s watch it too to give me a few more points…

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Btw, the animation was done by JC Staff not Gainax, all they provided was the concept/story 😉
I actually dropped this after the 3rd episode or so, it’s just a bit hard to get into, the storyline’s felt a bit cheesy at times..

Comment by torpy

Ahh, no wonder there were two big anime names up in the credits. Really was wondering what that was all about. Should have done more research…

And yea, the storyline does seem a little cheesy at the start, but it get’s better later on. The music is worth staying on for anyway.

Comment by rdrake

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