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I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before…
August 31, 2006, 10:50 am
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Well, I must confess. This is a little new to me. I’ve never downloaded a series like this before. What am I talking about? This nice little series that just came out from the nice people at Ryomi fansubs. It’s called Hanoka~叶之香.

At first impression, at animesuki.com, I never quite expected this. I though that the small file size simply meant a faster download. Turns out, Hanoka is not your normal anime series. It’s a set of 5 minute clips. Yes, true. One episode is roughly 5 minutes or so. This includes a snazzy track for the OP which is about 1 and a 1/2 minutes long. So one episode is really short.

First impressions? This looks almost childish. The graphics are the kind of thing you would expect for young children. It looks like pieces of paper put together and being moved around. Then again, for that file size just having 5 minutes, there has got be some pretty good resolution in there.

I suppose that the OP is meant to be catchy. You really need to reel in your audience when your show is barely 1/6 the length of others. I think the title is [Dual love on the plant ~叶之香~]. It’s a nice song in it’s own right. Too bad the producers didn’t put up original screen material to go with it. And there’s no ED either. Simply no time for one, it seems.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not trying to criticise what is potentially a good mini-show. After all, it’s only up to episode 3. Problem is, given the extremely short time for a single episode, the entire story, plot, all the fight scenes, and heck, even the speech, all of it sounds very much corny and cliched…

I think that given a normal timeframe, this could get interesting.

What I just can’t get over is that filesize. Normal animes have about a 170-230mb filesize and run for just under 25 minutes. Hanoka, has roughly 50mb filesize and only runs for 5 minutes. Now that isn’t quite economic for someone who’s a little short on diskspace…


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These shorts I think are more supposed to be a proof of concept, since the whole thing was done in flash. I am guessing that the detail that you are used to seeing just is not realistic when the entire thing is done in this fashion.

Comment by Chris

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