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September 7, 2006, 4:57 am
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Things have been a little quite lately, what with no new episodes of any series I’m currently following popping out. Nevermind that though, I’ve decided to sidetrack a bit instead.

Aurabolt and I were having a bit of a talk over webforums. I then decided to take this oppurtunity to try advertise my two main forums a little.

www.animemp3s.org –  My very first forum. Focus is a little more into music, although the anime discussion areas are quite active too. A good area for music discussion as well. Quite alot of other perks as well, there’s quite a bit of anime OST downloads as well as an area to request other members for particular anime music tracks. Alot of interesting add-ons since the last system upgrade as well, including an arcade…Problem is that it’s currently suffering some sort of server problem…

www.animediscussion.net –  My second main frequented forum. Mainly talks about anime, though, the usual off-topics discussion areas are there. Also holds a moderately active graphics area, where you can show-off, discuss, or even request signatures and avatars. Regular contests are held, and I can promise you the moderators do their job well. (I am, after all, part of the team…) One frequent comment made about the site is that the forum skin is very nice.

@ Aurabolt : I would have gladly put your forum here too if you wanted, but I don’t know the address…


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Nah, I think it’s better if it doesn’t get publicity. ^^;; It’s not a forum I’d recommend.

The reason I started my blog was so I can get away from the people I’m not friendly with over there.

Comment by aurabolt

Ahh, ok. That would explain alot.

Comment by rdrake

Perhaps it’d be best to put “http://” before the link URLs so that they actually link somewhere 😉

Comment by torpy

rofl XD

Comment by aurabolt

Oops! !_!

Edit: OK, fixed that…But now I’ve got to go round the whole place checking my links…I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

Comment by rdrake

Heh, just noticed you made some posts at Mangaviewer. Uh…don’t let them know I have a blog if you’re going to continue posting.

Jabba and Saemon are okay, but I just don’t want that b*tch co.admin and her lackey moderator to see this and say bad bad things about it. Excuse me for my language -_-;;

Comment by aurabolt

Ah, ok…Though I kinda get the feeling you’re just waiting for me to do something stupid so you can finally get the satisfaction of actually getting to ban someone…No offence intended 😀

Comment by rdrake

I’m not THAT evil okay? T_T

Comment by aurabolt

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