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September Manga reading list.
September 10, 2006, 2:31 am
Filed under: Manga

Ok, got three main serieses to follow for this month and beyond. Started these mainly one or two months ago, but I’ll put them on the fast track now…

This one here is called ‘Hayate the Combat Butler’. It’s a comedy. Definitely not to be mixed up with one of those crappy romance manga…And it’s absolutely hilarious. I spent a whole evening with my sides aching from all the laughter, and that was just book two.

Basically, it’s about this poor guy called Hayate, whose parents are real slackers. They somehow gambled up a HUGE debt. (Even after considering the exchange rate…) Then they sold Hayate off to the loansharks to repay their debt. Hayate, who has always been the guy who brings in the money (by faking his age and working), gets away and tries to kidnap a little rich 13-year old girl for money. In the end, he fails, but rescues her from other kidnappers. She thinks that he’s in love with her, and gives him a job as her butler. The series follows Hayate’s adventures within the new household…

Quite a bundle…but that one I’ve never seen elsewhere. Wonder how Chuang Yi got their hands on that title.

Then there’s two more I’m going to start soon.

Albatross. Supposedly by the guy who did MAR (which I should really go and finish reading…). I haven’t read enough to put up a review or something, but I’ll do it soon. What can I say, it’s new. Just recently hit the shelves, and only volume 1 is out right now…

Shin Angyo Onshin. Korean Manhwa. I started on this some time back, but that was half-hearted. Now I’m going to go through the series for real this time…And yes, hopeless did a review on this some time back. Here’s the link to that particualar post.


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