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Unexpected bonus…and unexpected question.
September 15, 2006, 10:08 am
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Hmmm, while shifting through my recent downloads, I found out that the Oricon Top 30 new singles which I downloaded contains the ED to Gundam Seed Stargazer, Hoshi no Tobira. Well, that’s going to save me a little time since now I won’t have to track it down.

What bothers me now is how did an anime ED track find its way into the Oricon top 30. Generally, anime music is commisioned, right? This one even has STARGAZER written into it’s name.

I didn’t think that anime music has this kind of power. Yes, it is a nice song after all, but does a piece of anime music really have what it takes to compete at the commercial level?

Apparently so, as I have been proved.

In any case, this made me go through my anime music collection, consisting mainly of anime OPs and EDs. I reviewed each song that I had accumalated over time and decided to get rid of some crap. Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, there wasn’t much, considering I normally download only what I like…

In the end, I just asked myself, what do I really think about anime music, and whether, in the long run, will they outlast the mainstream commercial jpop I like. The answer I got was that it was variable. Some are good, and some are not, simple as that. It’s only a matter of picking out the really good ones, as well as those which I like (for whatever reason).

Had a discussion with Koganthi over this. He said that generally, anime music can be good, because it’s commisioned. As in certain selected artistes are tasked with writing up and singing (or maybe just the singing part…) up the OPs, EDs, and other music for an anime by the production studio. This supposedly gives artistes a certain direction and goal to work towards, which improves their performance a little…One personal example? Bleach OP 1 – Asterisk by Orange Range. I found it pretty good myself, though alot of others did so too. Then I went ahead and got myself some of their other works…and didn’t like them. Maybe I just don’t like their style, but in that case, the commisioning for the song must have done something.

Then what about anime songs whose artistes are good whether or not they sing anime-commissioned works? Needless to say, good is good, and I like them. Biggest example? I first heard of Okui, Masami from her singing in Scrapped Princess OP – Little Wing. I loved that song, I when I found myself a stash of her works in an IRC channel (very sorry, but I’ve forgotten where, it’s been so long…) I took a few more. All very good stuff.

Of course there will always be the argument that anime music is not as good as the mainstream simply because there is no lack of mediocre anime music. I’ve only one thing to say. Be discerning. Just because there’s alot of crap flying around, it does not mean the quality stuff don’t exist. You’ve just got to pick them out.

Oh, by the way. Koganthi told me that Hoshi no Tobira is hard to find on the net, and he resorted to listening to it through radio blogs…Well, if you are hard-pressed to find a copy, leave me a comment or something…


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Whoa… I gotta get my hands on Oricon Top 30. Can’t believe I forgot to look for it earlier.

Oh ya, I remember you :)! Haha, this must be a very weird thing for me to say considering that this is probably the first time I talked to you directly. I’m actually a member of the AMP3S.org forum, and I go by the nick “Keiri”. Not sure whether I’m still registered as a member there because I haven’t been visiting lately.

Well, just dropping by to say Hi and Nice to Meet You! ^^

Comment by Dav

You are Keiri? Oh, wow. Didn’t recognise you…lol, not that I would have, your style and presentation on the forum and in your blog are quite dissimilar…

Yea, I think that you’re still a member. No problem. We get people who drop out for years at a time, I think. Only problem is that the forum is currently down due to technical difficulties. Suggest you try the other forum on my blogroll, where some of the members shifted to.

Comment by rdrake

Heheh…I never got into Orange Range either. Anyway, it’s not unusual for anime music to reach oricon charts if it’s done by a mainstream artists.

You still got the “anime music improves the artist” part right. You’ve probably heard of Flow…they debuted with a Naruto OP. I really like the song they did for Eureka Seven (dropped the series), but found out all the music they came up with on their own weren’t as good when I got some of their albums.

The real wow ones should be the pure anime songs like the Haruhi ones…

Comment by aurabolt

Hmmm, mainstream artistes…guess that depends on your perspective…Because I’ve never really found any J-pop stars singing anime. Exception from Inuyasha, but that wasn’t commissioned, I think. They just took some good songs…

Maybe the system is closer to how Flow worked (sorry, never heard of them actually, I try to distance myself from Naruto…). You get this small-scale band or artiste a shot at fame through an anime song. Some hits and misses…Because honestly, it’ll be pretty expensive to get a more mainstream artiste to do your song for you…

Comment by rdrake

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