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Bugger that…
September 21, 2006, 2:18 pm
Filed under: General Schtuff, Rants

Ok, the com just failed me. FAR earlier than expected. Was hoping that I could last on what little HDD space left there is. Unfortunately, this was not to be, and I was given a choice. Either I stop downloading for good, or I get rid of some older stuff, whether not I have them secured on CDs…

Great, ever since the CD burner went down, this has been inevitable…

Well, there really was only one choice. I cleared one heck of alot of junk out, amazing how much I had. I also got rid of the remnant episodes of Fate/Stay Night which I had already on disc, but still left on the computer. Other clearances includes what crappy music I did not want to see wasting space anymore.

But this won’t last for more than half a year…I need to fix that CD burner soon…

Don’t worry, this shouldn’t affect whatever series I’m currently following. I’ll keep this place up and well-updated, even if my topic happens to be moving to J-pop a little these days.


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Dang…I don’t know what to say. If I were you, the first thing I would get rid of are all the mangas since you can easily download them again on #lurk. Anime…I’ll probably keep the ones that aren’t distributed anymore.

Okay…for music, the first thing you should resort to is compressing them all to 128k. Trust me, there’s no difference between 128 and 320 except the volume if it’s a really bad 128 encode. Let me know if you’re considering that. I think foobar has a lot of encoding options, but I use Goldwave for mine (and you need a keygen for that.)

That and…just get rid of all the singles unless it’s an artist/band you really like.

Comment by aurabolt

Hmm, it’s ok now. Crisis over. I just panicked that day, I suppose. It’s amazing how much junk I’ve accumulated though…All the old anime I forgot and left lying somewhere about was the main culprit…

Now to convince my sister to do something about her side of the mess…

But yea, it would be helpful to know how to switch the music encoding. Makes archiving alot easier.

Comment by rdrake

sorry it took awhile to reply ;;

Just download the file there first http://www.goldwave.com/ and I’ll send the register key through MSN whenever I see you.

foobar allows you to encode too, but it doesn’t seem to encode at 128k. The default is set as 190k except we really want to compress it as much as we can. I think it goes to like 110, but you don’t want to go any lower than 128. That’s the point where the quality starts dropping. (128 ~ 320 is the good range)

Comment by aurabolt

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