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It’s Fall, apparently, that’s why the excitement…
September 29, 2006, 5:26 am
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Sorry. Living in a forever sunny tropical paradise means that I do not keep track of the seasons like many of the poor fellas shivering their way through winter. Thus I do not keep track of new, upcoming anime based on seasons. (I can also go on and say that this applies to movies, fashion and so on, but those are irrevelant.)

As a result, I am at a loss about what big anime serieses are coming soon that no small amount of hype is accumulating over.

Well, my list of ‘Things to look out for’ (for however long fall lasts) is pretty simple. Kekaishi, Deathnote…erm, what else? Is Le Chevalier D’eon counted as a fall release? Possibly Busou Renkin, though I kinda found it a little out of taste. (Personally, the manga wasn’t that great, the cover was initially appealling, but something halfway through the series put me off.)
In any case, there are a couple of factors that have numbed me to whatever goodness is supposed to be popping up on radar soon. One my exams. Self-explanatory. Two, due to a slump in anime releases, alot of the stuff I’ve been seriously intending to follow are still a long way from completion. FLAG, Hanoka, NHK ni Youkosou, and Innocent Venus. All either still taking off or at least not yet in sight of the finish line. That has been a big drawback which recently pushed me to go into J-pop for a while.

So I guess it’s going to be a slow three months for me. While everyone else is going on about how the latest series is either absolutely fantastic or an absolute flop, I’ll me stuck at home mugging away. Well, at least it’s only three months.

WARNING: The following is mainly abusive rant that has accumulated due to stress. If you happen to like certain upcoming serieses, you may not be happy to see this.

Ok, first up. Busou Renkin. Maybe I am prejudiced, but something in the manga put me off. I’m not sure if it was a certain scene/item, or was it just the overall sense of complcent boredom and lack of excitement. Makes me wonder if it’s actually possible for the anime itself to fare well.

Next. WTF! A new POKEMON series! You gotta be kidding. The whole thing has been milked so dry it’s worse off than Australia! Ditto for Digimon, although I do admit that crappy graphics and cliches aside, it does have certain redeeming points.

Then there’s also something about Rockman. It’s not something I’ll be looking forward much to. Generally, from part experiences, game-to-anime productions are no big deal.

There, see? I didn’t take the time to rant out against anything but the kiddy shows. Though I’m off to go read D-Grayman manga. If I don’t like it, I’ll be back.


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Don’t forget to keep an eye for Code Geass, it has potential. Plus CLAMP+Mecha! 😉

Comment by torpy

what??? no Kanon?

Comment by Danny

My radar is already primed. Not exactly sure whether I want to go on an indiscriminate spree just grabbing anything and everything anytime soon. After November, maybe, but not before. Got exams, see.

Comment by rdrake

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