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I’m Chinese through and through, but this is going too far…
October 7, 2006, 3:04 pm
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Rant of the day, or perhaps a long, long time, given that I’m probably going to be stuck with this problem for a long, long time…

Damn my ability to read, write, speak Chinese. Is it a blessing or a curse. Yes, all non-Chinese are going to raise the issue of Taiwanese manga.

For those who are slow: Current NT:SGD rate is 20:1. So NT100 = SGD5. Some of the Taiwan books aren’t even NT100. This means that Taiwanese manga is dirt cheap. Not as dirt cheap as in Japan, but still compared to everywhere else, super cheap.

In that case, what happens to the price after the lot is transported here to Singapore? Yes, the price goes up. What I want to know is how much profit is involved. The average selling price for Taiwan manga (without the varying membership discounts from shop to shop) is around SGD8 at least to SGD15, though most are around 9 dollars. That’s about twice the cost price. Minus certain fees and all that, how much profit is there?

All this calculation on the low value of Taiwanese manga is really making me want to go there for no other reason then a manga shopping spree…


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+shipping, the cost should rise about $1. For the shop’s survival, +another $1. If you are a member at comics connection, the price for a 100NT manga is around $7, so I would say its pretty reasonable o.o

btw, first time commenting ^U^ hi!

Comment by umehiko

Hehe, hi! Well, as I said, the discounts vary per shop/franchise. But after you calculate things up, you can still save a hefty bundle by buying from Taiwan direct…

Oh, and $7 is about the minimum, mostly for the cheapest mangas only. It goes up from there.

Comment by rdrake

hiaz…me agree…the price of taiwanese manga that comes into singapore sharply increases..esp when i heard stories of people who went to taiwan to buy manga: “Wah, the (chinese) manga there damn cheap!! $5 or 4…..”

yap..maybe its the shoops that wanna earn $$$…but we mus oso think odf the import fee etc…cos every airline got import fee..after that still have to pay airport tax..then oso have to pay govt fee, so that can check if the book is allowed for sale in sgp…something like rating for movies…

so no choice..we can only cross our fingers that chuangyi translates more manga..into chinese,,not english….despite the fact that we know chuangyi only translate save, no pervertic, dirty, violence manga….hiaz…how r they earnin $$$….

Comment by jeremy

So, Rank…

On a completely different note, I thought you might be interested to know that Lina and I picked up Argentosoma on le’ cheap. Lina’s watched a couple of episodes while I have been at work, and she is VERY intrigued. Based on what she’s told me about the first few eps, I’m also anxious to check it out.

I blame you if I become addicted. 😛

Comment by gourry

Why me…
Anyway, are you watching the sub or dub? Cos I’m certain that if you’re blaming me, you’ve read my review, and would thus have seen my sub-dub comparison.

Comment by rdrake

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