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October 19, 2006, 1:20 am
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Well, I decided to change the title of the blog. The old one was thought of while I was still using this place as a all round blog. This new one is for the new mostly anime theme I’ll be following.

I’ll also be considering changing the banner up there ^ even though that’s going to take some work and I don’t really have that much time. But it’ll definitely look better.

All I have to worry about is probably whether or not those kind people who linked to me will have to be troubled…


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I like it. It’s shorter ^^

Comment by aurabolt

Yes, that’s the effect I was hoping for. The old one was a brutal symbol of my umimaginativeness and total lack of ability in summary skills. Thus, the revolution has begun…I hope…

Comment by rdrake

Found that in my Suzuhira Hiro folder right after you left.

Comment by aurabolt

(sorry for double post)

Photobucket shrinked the image so here’s the fullsize.

Comment by aurabolt

Eh, cool! This one looks even better! Hehe, thanks alot for this. Suzuhira Hiro is an artist right? What does he specialise in?

Comment by RDrake

That was a fast change there!
It is a nice one I will note.

Comment by Sotanaht

Just doujin stuff. Does CG for visual novel games and releases art-books like the one I took that from.

Comment by aurabolt

There, just rummaged through my blogroll and changed the link :). I love the new look btw!

Comment by torpy

Not bad man…

Comment by samejima

Hehe, thanks alot guys. Just that alot goes to aurabolt for the new picture I’m using.

Comment by rdrake

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