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Eat is for the weak, eat is for the weak!!!…*collapses of hunger*
October 21, 2006, 12:28 am
Filed under: Figurines

And yes, after a week of starving myself and not eating full lunches so that every single spare cent could be diverted to savings, I finally hit my goal!

Yes, the Mina Majikana figurine is finally mine. I never was able to see the stuff on the back while it was on display, but now that I bought it, well, here it is. It seems that this is from Toy Planning. It’s 1/8 scale, and made of PVC. The nice part is that the bowstring is 0.4mm steel wire. Also included is the cloyingly cute Champuru!

Ah, and those of you who were expecting a photoshoot, sorry to disappoint, but I’ll do it later. By the time I managed to find time to take the photos, it was 7pm and the sky was dark. Not perfectly good lighting for taking pictures. Also, it was probably a good thing not to have tried. I found out that the batteries were barely good for a single photo back at home…Stupid low quality camera…

Not to mention that it SIMPLY WON’T CONNECT TO THE COMPUTER!!!…Ok, I’ll get back with the photos later. For now, I’ll leave a link to a place with sample pictures…



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Eh…don’t push yourself to post photos if they don’t work. The link’s good enough.

Comment by aurabolt

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