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First-time attempts never go right…
October 21, 2006, 9:47 pm
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Ok, while on the way to dinner earlier, I trotted over to the nearby carpark overlooking Sungei Serangoon. Apparently, I got the timing wrong again, and it was much darker than I thought it would be by the time I reached there (just how fast does the sun set these days?) Well, because of the terrible photos taken there, I pretty muched trashed all but one, then came home to take some more…

Crappy beyond belief, I knew my camera just wasn’t up too it. Not to mention low on batteries too…And very sadly, I couldn’t turn on the flash…*smashes head against wall.*

This one is a shot of the whole thing still inside the box. As you can see, I never get the lightning right…

This is probably the best shot taken, unfortunately. I need a better camera, as well as one heck of a lot of skill and practice…

There’s nothing more to show, or at least no more decent pics. See why I trashed them?
But I’m going to do something else as well.

Tips to other would be/first time figurine amateur photographers:
1. Identify a good place to take your photos from. This is very important. Bad areas screw up your picture, for example, it gives you bad lighting, making everything look dark.
2. Recce your area carefully. You may think of a good place from memory, but it might not work out due to technical details. For example, it might lack a good angle though the scenery is nice for a background.
3. Try to find an elevated area to place the figurine. If not, be prepared to crawl on your belly to take level shots, and upward shots will be absolutely impossible…
4. Check your zoom and focus before taking the shot. They affect how blurry your shots will be.
5. I suppose it is usually a better idea to have your photoshoot in the middle of the day rather than at twilight…

Yes, I think it seems pretty obvious where I got all these tips from…


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A good camera makes a world of difference.

While my own pics aren’t that wonderful (superrat’s are though), if you cycle through my older reviews, you can see how crappy they were at first too. It’s all about improvement.

Comment by tj han

Eh, thanks. I suppose I really just need more practice. Also, must figure out how to use the more technical aspects of the camera rather than just turn on, point, and shoot…

Comment by rdrake

Hmmm…let me go scan this worksheet from my photo class. It’s just write down and keep track of what your camera can do.

Personally I don’t use flash. Think it’s better to just mess around with the EV. My camera’s okay I guess. It’s a 7.2 megapixel…but its sucks that it only has two f modes. In other words, I can’t do the blurry background effect.

Comment by aurabolt

I think you just need a flash and macro to make these turn out nicer ^u^ gambatte!

Comment by umehiko

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