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I am forever grateful *knocks head on floor*
October 21, 2006, 6:23 pm
Filed under: Figurines

OMG! All and many thanks to Urban Attic for making my continued sanity possible!

Ok, I am a fool…

I’m pretty sure not many people know what really happened over at Urban Attic the other day when I bought the Mina figurine. It was quite a mess…

Last Saturday when I passed by was when I saw Mina. I was pretty sure I saw then a sticker saying $38.80 or something. I simply assumed this was the price. So I went over on Friday to buy it, bringing a grand total of $40.95 with me. Bad move. I was kindly informed that the actual price was way above 38.80. In fact, it was $42 after considering the new price system. I stood there very thoroughly shocked. (No, there are no pictures of me at that point for people to look at and laugh about,…I think). The best I could do was go through my pockets again and confirm to my inner fool that I really did ONLY have 40.95 on my person.

I think the rest is best explained through the dialouge…

Shopkeeper: It’s actually $42.
Me: Haah?…*gulp*
Shopkeeper: *Turns the box over* Yea, see, it’s 4200 yen, so divide by 100 and it’s $42.
Me: Erm, give me a moment. *FRANTICALLY ruffles through pockets, bag, all possible locations for money,*
Me:…great, I really only have $40.95 on me…
SILENCE…(for about 3 seconds)
Shopkeeper:*breaks out into a weak smile* Never mind, I’ll give it to you for $40.*Picks up a plastic bag*
Me: Really?…*stunned*
Shopkeeper: Yea, after all, we’re losing so much money already, what is two dollars…
Me: *Totally unsure of what to say* Er,…thanks alot…

Well, that was basically it in a relatively small nutshell…Now for the message to Urban Attic…

WAAAAAHHH!Thank you so very much! With just that two dollars, you saved me so much trouble! How can I ever repay you! *Kowtows repeatedly on the floor* Now I’m forever in your debt…

Also, as aurabolt said, I shouldn’t be in such a big hurry to do a photoshoot. Hehe, just feel too excited and am overreacting, I guess…This is my very first figurine after all.
But problem is, I figure that the only digtal camera in the house is pretty crappy, and I’ll never be able to do up anything close to decent with it. Therefore, I’ve made up my mind, that if somebody wants to borrow Mina or lend me a good camera (the latter is HIGHLY unlikely, I know), just contact me. I’ll try my best to work something out.


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First fig? And Mina? My first fig was Rukia of Bleach.

Comment by tj han

haha~ glad you got what you want. do patronise the shop whenever you can. it’ll help if you pass around the message too. =)

Comment by bj0rN

You know, I had that happen to me when I was just buying school supplies. Only had like a $15 because that’s all I thought I would need.

The lady just dumped all the stuff including the items I wanted to take out into the bag when she noticed I was struggling there. Yeah, I just paid and took the bag like I didn’t notice all the extras.

Comment by aurabolt

Would be glad if you do a review and share with them that the items is from UrbanAttic.


Comment by Weiye

Eheheh…I only have one item from UA. Hope to change that soon, but ok, I’ll see what I can do…

Comment by RDrake

yay hurray on ur first figurine

Comment by Alafista

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