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Haruhiism is contagious: Sudden urge to splurge
October 27, 2006, 9:58 pm
Filed under: Figurines, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Sheesh, it’s a feeling that isn’t going to wash off anytime soon…

No pictures because I’m lazy. Sorry there, but there are already so many. tj_han, tsubaki, Alafista, these guys have plenty to refer to.
Yes, yes, Haruhi figurines are coming soon…Ok fine, not that soon, pre-orders are stopped, no thanks to over-demand.  Somehow I am so tempted to get this one. Pretty cheap (relatively speaking, of course), only 3990 yen. And for that nice, low price, Haruhi’s arm can apparently be switched to one with her holding her director’s loudhaler. Interesting…

And this news coming in the wake of my recent trip to Kinokuniya Bugis…where I saw the Haruhi artbook going for $28.80. (No need to remind me that I could have seen that price wrongly…again.) I don’t think I can afford to buy both the artbook and the figurine. Thank goodness the first 5000 of those figurines are already out…

 Looks like I’ll have to go to check the situation at Urban Attic. To think that I just bought Mina barely a week ago…


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