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YURIA – YURIA [1st best album]
October 27, 2006, 10:15 pm
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Woah, managed to catch this off Tokyotoshokan. (I thank all you last minute seeders who popped out today.) I’ve been on the lookout for stuff by YURIA ever since I heard her first in Shuffle! OP.

1. Dream & Love
2. 抱きしめて
3. 君に再び逢えた奇跡
4. 青空
6. ぬけがけしないで
7. Mirage Lullaby
8. You make my day!
10. YOU
11. モノクローム(Studio Live Ver.)
12. baby kiss

Yes, there seems to be quite a few in there that came from an anime. You – Shuffle! OP. Wish – Gravion ED1. Mirage Lullaby – Shuffle! game OP (thanks to DarkMirage for the translation on his blog). LA♪LA♪BYE – Can’t remember, but it’s either Gravion ED2 or Burst Angel ED.

So, if you happen to like any of those above songs, this is a very good album to pick up. Go get it now!

YURIA is love…


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I really like her songs. I listen to it even when I am sleeping, driving, etc… love her voice…

Comment by Samejima

Oii…you could have asked me for an upload. There’s a reason why I have a music list ^^;;

Comment by aurabolt

Well, see, you weren’t online or talking when I first picked up the torrent.

Cheers, though. It’s fully down now.

Comment by rdrake

yup das ryt…

Comment by samejima

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