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It’s a funny way of destress…
November 1, 2006, 3:57 pm
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I’m weird, yes. Comes with being part of the GEP for 5 years…I’ve recently found out that making renders if very calming for me. Few things beat sitting down at the computer screen, plugging my headphones in, then scrubbing the colour off a poor little image pixel by pixel when it comes to destressing…

 To celebrate this newly discovered fact, I’ll be setting up a render page…soon. Mid-November, most likely. I’ll try make renders and leave them there for people to use. I’m also considering whether to accept requests…

All this idea came out when I found out that anime renders are hard to procure. Certain sites have them, but require forum membership and participation. Not that I’m not interested, but more of not having so much time. In any case, the more ‘free’ sites don’t contain many useful or interesting or relevant images…

To kick things off, I’ll leave this here. Primula from Shuffle!. Just adorable…

Yes, I do realize the hair part at the back is somewhat messy right now. But I tried putting it against a back ground, and it works out…


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Hmm…the edges are still too jaggy, but this seems like a good blogging specialty field you can work on.

What programs do you use?

Comment by aurabolt

Currently using GIMP. Can’t afford photoshop…

Comment by rdrake

Yo!! Havn’t been here for awhile. The web layout’s damn cooler than the last one. Lol how’s ur exam prep. Hey, if u got any good jpop/torrent website, tag me okay?

PS thanks for linking me, want me to link u?

Comment by tsp

No problem. See you around, thosa. Have a good trip with the guys.

Comment by rdrake

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