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O levels are over, I’m back.
November 17, 2006, 6:30 pm
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Yes, I’m back now. 16 years old have finished their exams…but my brain is a mess. What more, my desktop has decided to take this very crucial period to bl0ow up on me, so I can’t watch any anime at all now…

Yup, so no article today. I’ll talk about something else besides anime then…

Ok, I got it. Let’s see, how do you readers find links for your blogroll. Do you like to have a huge list or a simple, exclusive one?

See, recently, I’ve been finding that people I don’t know have been adding me to their blogrolls. I only find out about this when someone comes over to my side from their’s. Not that I’m against this, the extra hits are welcome, but it’s a little surprising. Are they followers of my irregularly produced articles then? Because personally, I wouldn’t really just put someone on my blogroll just paf, like that, without observing him for a while, checking to see if it really is wise to associate with him/her. Sometimes, I’ll add that person immediatly if he’s a big name, e.g tj_han’s RIUVA, but that’s about it. Really, given my daily hits, I wonder if I’m even noticed at all…

Sigh…oh well. That doesn’t mean I don’t want people to link to me. Go ahead if you want. Oh, and tell me if you do, so I can link back.


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Personally, my blogroll is rather exclusive. The usual big shots, personal favourites and last but not least, fellow Singaporean bloggers.

I’m quite surprised that you added me to your blogroll, since I’m just starting out and all. Mucho gracias!

Comment by mrmayat

Mine’s either blogs I read often or blogs by bloggers I’m friendly with.

Comment by aurabolt

So I’ll link u now? (coz u already link me).

Comment by tsp

@MrMayat: Hehehe, the immediate overwrite over the screening process and getting straight into my blogroll is to link me first. When I find out (when, not if…), I’ll put you on mine. Kinda obligatory, right?

@Aurabolt: Already more exclusive than me…

@tsp: I thought you already link me? Just that the link very hard to find on your blog that’s all.

Comment by rdrake

Late commenter here, and thanks for adding me. I reciprocate the gesture. 🙂

Anyway, if I still remember correctly, I found this site on someone else’s blogroll, onyl I can’t remember who or what nationality that person is (since I knew that they are either American or Singaporean; majority are).
So yeah. Thanks again!

Comment by Ronin

@Ronin: No problem. And I only know a very few people have linked to me already…

Comment by rdrake

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