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Er…??? What’s this???
November 21, 2006, 8:03 pm
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Yestersay, I went back to the animenano User CP to check the status of my blog submission to my blog submission entry. I kinda got a shock when I noticed that the screen that normally shows the status had reverted to the original submission form.

Now, yes, I am sure that this is not a mistake on my part. I know very well that I submitted that form a few weeks back. I also am very sure that until yesterday, I’ve been seeing “Your entry is being processed” or something along those lines in the same page.

So…now the million dollar question is…what exactly does this mean?

I’ve thought of a few possibilities. 1, it’s a perfectly normal system error or glitch and all I have to do is to resubmit the form… 2, my entry has been rejected…I don’t quite like that one too… 3, OMG, hung is being lazy and has swept all the work on his desk straight into the recycle bin!!!

Ok, fine I’m getting paranoid on the last point, but the big problem is that I really have no way of knowing what is going on. Can someone help me out there a little?


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Wow, I just noticed too.

I’ll take number three, but I don’t know either.

Comment by aurabolt

Bye James, I’ll see u again in Feb. Lol dun watch too much anime, go work also xd.

Comment by tsp

@aurabolt: Well, I should guess so…either that or it’s an automatic system function when the entries are left too long without anybody bothering about them…Which still means hung is being too lazy to even bother…my…

@tsp: Haha, spoken by someone whos leaving straight back to Thailand. But yea, next year you aren’t going to JC like most of us…But isn’t college prep year even harder?

Comment by rdrake

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