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This month’s YURIA releases…
November 24, 2006, 4:37 pm
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YAY! Two singles from YURIA in one month. Oh, that is teh powah…hehehe…

Actually, to clarify, one is actually by HoneyBee. The truth is that HoneyBee = YURIA. Got it? Don’t forget it…I did that myself and almost lost the second single till aurabolt reminded me…

Oh, and both are released by Lantis, YURIA’s recording company. Aurabolt said something about Lantis and Navel (eroge production company) having some sort of affiliation with each other. I’ll cover that another time…

1. Really?Really! Game OP single – YURIA

1. Remember memories
2. Happy Go Lucky Days
3. Remember memories (off vocal)
4. Happy Go Lucky Days (off vocal)

Torrents: Moe, LonE, NipponSex

Hmm, from the scans, this looks like…is that Asa and Kaede?!…
Ok, aurabolt to the rescue again. It seems that Really?Really! is one of the sequels to Shuffle!. The game, not the anime. And only if you chose the Kaede path. There’s another sequel for the Nerine path…No wonder those scans…

Well, about the songs themselves, yes, very good. It has a similar style to the two earlier songs YURIA sang for Shuffle!. Moderate ambience, heavy on the guitar and bass, and she sings in her higher voice tone.

2. Sumomo mo Momomo ED single – No Rock No Life – HoneyBee

1. No Rock No Life
2. Guitar Satsujin Jiken
3. No Rock No Life (Instrumental)
4. Guitar Satsujin Jiken (Instrumental)

Torrents: Nipponsei, LonE

Ah, and this one is quite pretty too. Doubtless, not too few of you actually do watch Sumomo mo Momomo already…As it’s title would suggest, it has a mainly rock feel, not the heavy metal kind, the more melodic rock.


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there’s a really?really! game released
at tokyotosho… wanna download?

Comment by Samejima

Ooh, cool, okay…Thanks for the news.

Comment by rdrake

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