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This is SO wrong…or maybe It’s just me…
November 25, 2006, 11:49 pm
Filed under: Anime, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

First impressions of Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan? Easy…It’s less of impression with this anime, more like an imprint, or worse.

To start off, a brief overview of things, as far as I can go with what I’ve seen so far. Sakura (he’s a boy), is a normal middle school student. One day, an angel, Dokuro-chan, (complete with halo) pops up in his room. The true reason for her existence is a mystery (until episode 3…), but she seems to enjoy making life hard for Sakura. She also follows Sakura to school, enrolling there. Now the problem is, angels seem to be particularly aligned with violence, no matter how cute, seductive, whatever they happen to be…

I can’t quite get the main point of this anime…It could be for the violence and gore, but there’s not enough of it. There’s also the fanservice, but no big deal either, not enough to build a whole series upon. In the end, it probably boils down to this series being a comedy. Sitcom would be more accurate. A bloody, sexy sitcom, but regardless, I laughed my way through the episodes…

Well, now for a few interesting little points I’ve noticed…

Ok, point number one. This is one FRIGGIN bloody anime. No exactly violent, but BLOODY. Quote aurabolt: The main character bleeds more from mindless violence than from nosebleeds.

Examples of just how bloody…

I think you will agree. Of course, these shots were taken from the very start of it. Yes, it gets worse further in…gosh, so much blood,…musn’t think, afraid of blood…

Point number two. The producers tried out an interesting new method. Using the standard 25++ minute episode timing, they stuffed two episodes into your 25 minutes. Basically, the whole series is made out of 12.5 minute mini stories. This goes quite some way to making me think of the series as a sitcom. Don’t worry about complicated downloads though, every two episodes are bunched into one.

Point number three. I’ve heard about Sumomo mo Momomo pushing some limits or something. Ok, fine, but what about this one. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, THE OP IS A CHIBIFIED ADVERTISMENT FOR S&M!!!OMG!!!

And now, the rant…As the title goes, THIS IS SO WRONG! To put things in perspective, the characters are second year middle schoolers, which is approximately…how old? Not enough, right? So why in the world are we getting violence, blood, gore, fanservice in one neat little bundle with lolis? Ok, fine, that is a rhetorical question…

But look here, just how many serieses are there that combine super kawaii characters with a cheerful bloodletting attitude. That is so not moe…


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