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Render: Izen – GadgetTrial
November 27, 2006, 5:11 pm
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Well, well, here’s another one for you folks. This would be Izen from Gadget Trial, the pink and purple mecha girl wielding the assault rifle which totally fails at life in the game. It was with this picture that I first encountered problems with using the select colour function to crop out the transperent areas, so this took quite some time to do up.

No I actually did it some time back, just putting it up now that I’ve got time…Well, without further ado, here it is…


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Eh, I’m on my school computer so I can’t see any pictures >_

Comment by aurabolt

crap it ate my comment

Izen was the infantry girl right? If she is, she’s most important unit even though she sucks in combat. You can’t conquer buildings without Izen.

My most overused was the…bomber. It can one hit KO anything that’s on a bad terrain. I got tired of the game though.

Comment by aurabolt

???Ate your comment?…

Yea, I know. Just that she’s useless in combat…

And yes, the bombers are pwnage. In most games actually. It took me some serious strategy to counter them in Advance Wars…

Comment by rdrake

Oh, enemy bombers huh? For some reason, the AI in Gadget Trial never abused bombers on me. I usually have two to three fighters to take them down right away. Fighters are cool for rushing in and standing on the enemy’s forts so they can’t build anymore.

My least favorite was artillery. I hate fighter it, and I hate using it. Damn thing loves to go for my precious bombers. I don’t really like submarine either. I don’t want to deal with paying attention so many stuff so I yeah…take a Scouter or Fighter and block their factories o_o;;

Comment by aurabolt

Hmm…did you try resubmitting at AN?

Comment by aurabolt

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