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Mainline standard with a twist?
November 30, 2006, 2:24 pm
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Today I talk about D.Gray-Man. I know it’s kinda late in already, nine episodes as of now, but I had problems, so shoot me…

When I first heard that this was going to come out, well, I was slightly disorientated. The manga has been pretty much begging me to read it at the shop, but I kept dismissing it…Well, anyway, the release of the anime got me going and I read the first four books of the manga.

Won’t go over that too much since it’s not today’s focus, but yea, it seemed good enough to make an anime out of, and that was before episode one hit the net.

Now to go on with the anime, well, I’ve watched till episode eight to date, not enough time to do episode nine yet. I’ll try not to compare the anime to the manga too much, but that, really, is tricky. The anime, for most part, sticks to the manga, just switches the timings, and things like that around. This is both good and bad. Bad in that there’s always the possibility that manga readers get turned off when the anime screws up something in the manga that was just so great. The good part? Well, if things go right, there’ll be no filler episodes. (HAHAHA! To all those stuck with Naruto and Bleach fillers…). Such is the amount of drag there is on manga chapters, they’ll need all the time they can get to actually finish following the manga…that’s not too bad too…

Well, to start off, I’ll assume that most people already watch it, and thus shouldn’t have a need for me to put up a storyline, so I’ll skip that. What the manga excelled in this storyline area was that it put together quite some emo-ish charged scenes (not negatively), that stirs up alot of the readers emotions. (There I go, I thought I said I wouldn’t do that…). The anime isn’t quite so adept at this, it just can’t seem to pull it off as well. (I said as well, it can do it, just personally not as well as the manga. Thus first timers to the show aren’t affected). Allen Walker gets degenerated to just yet another Shounen main character if the full extent of his feelings aren’t made true, and that is just sad…

Character design? Nice. It seems that everyone is pretty much wearing gothic uniforms, the building castle they live in is all black…And yea, they’re the good guys, though the baddies aren’t much different in their tuxedoes and fancy dress…

Overall animation quality is…moderate, I guess. It’s not too shabby, but compared to stuff like Haruhi, yea, you get the point…

A very much outstanding factor for the show though, would be it’s choice of OP and ED. Just about everywhere I go, people are saying that Innocent Sorrow by Abingdon Boys School and Snow Kiss by Nirgilis are their top two OP/ED picks for the season. Just to note, if you think the TV size version of Innocent Sorrow is good, the full version of it, well, kicks ass…

Well, more to come on this great anime soon. And no, it’s not just another shounen. For one, I don’t expect it to drag like Bleach and Naruto…


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Naruto fillers still have some time to go (next year April or something) though Bleach should be finishing up soon, maybe a month or two more. Currently though, D.Gray-man is better than Bleach (I don’t watch Naruto) but I can say both anime will get a helluva lot better since I’ve read both mangas .

Comment by Danny

Yea, I know. I don’t follow the Bleach anime because I don’t have all THAT much time, but, I still follow the manga somewhat. No matter the fillers, the main story is still very good.

Still, D.Gray-Man is better than Bleach!

Comment by rdrake

Manga-wise, Naruto’s still my favorite xD

I did read Bleach, but I never got that into it.

Comment by aurabolt

Haha, that’s all good and well. Bleach is nice enough, true, but just don’t get dragged too deep into it. Don’t even know why its got that much allure to so many people…

Comment by rdrake


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