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December 2, 2006, 7:58 pm
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End of the day. Time to report on the earlier manga warehouse sale Chuang Yi Publishing Pte Ltd held today. Actually, it’s still ongoing, but for lack of better phrasing…

Pardon if you notice grammar errors, but my body is extracting a heavy vengeance on me…

To start off, I’ll tell people how to get to the godforsaken no man’s land place where the sale is being held. Take the Nort-east line down to Harbourfront station. (In case you didn’t know, that’s the stop you get off to go to the grossly overpriced Vivocity). From there, find the bustop on the opposite side of the road from Seah Im Food Court next to the shuttle bus stop to Sentosa. From that bus stop, get on one of the following buses, 10, 30, 143. (Or at least I think it’s these ones, the number should be similar even if I’m wrong). Take them a few stops down to the PSA building. Alexandra Distripark is just after the PSA building, so you have to walk…be it hot sun or rain. Once you get there, just follow the address…or the posters…

Ok, now that recall work has calmed me down, I’ll give the actual lowdown on the place. The really cheap manga on sale part was no joke. The prices are truly low. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Chuang Yi must well and truly want to rid themselves of some huge backloads of REALLY OLD manga. No wonder they hold the thing right at their offices, would cost quite something to lug the stuff somewhere. I’m talking about stuff from one, maybe two decades ago. Early 90s publications, mostly. It’s not all bad though. Some english manga also being sold here. Time to fill up the gaps in your collections, people…This would be the warehouse sale as advertised in the poster. Held in an empty room on the sixth floor. Beware, don’t spend everything you have here. There’s a part two.

Part two is held in the wonderfully air-conditioned storage room upstairs on the seventh floor where Chuang Yi’s actual office is located. Here you find their newer releases, both English and Chinese. The problem now is that the new stuff has only a 20% discount, as compared to obscenely low prices downstairs. It’s still alot when you realize Chuang Yi books never have a sale unless held by Chuang Yi itself (very rare event). Now, be prepared to wait outside the room awhile. Bue to the small space in the storage room, only ten or so people are allowed inside at any one time. As a result, a queue is pretty much standard throughout the day…

I also got a call from my friend who went today, as opposed to my yesterday. He claims that anime VCDs are on sale there too, one set for $10, though I cannot confirm this at the moment. I will when I go there again.

Well, that’s pretty much all you need to know about the place for now. I’ll go over my haul another time. With photos, PHOTOS!…


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Odex VCDs, one box 10 bucks. I think there’s a bundle sale too.

Comment by tj han

I know. I just confirmed it with someone. I’ll write something up. The bundle is 7 for 50 bucks.

Comment by rdrake

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