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ODEX: Emotion or Pragmatism
December 3, 2006, 12:11 am
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Ok, got it confirmed now. ODEX somehow muscled its way into Chuang Yi’s bazaar and set up their own sale inside.One box ten dollars. Already a bargain. 7 for $50. Unbeatable price. We’ve all got to go down now!

Ok, now to the commentary. I know very well how everyone has been ranting about ODEX recently, and not just because of copyright issues…

Tsubaki, drm, tedfox.

Ok, so yes, ODEX is bad because of this, and because of that. Anyone who has bought stuff from ODEX, and doubtless many who haven’t probably know how much ODEX simply sucks at what it does tries to do. Just go to tsubaki’s rant, or even drm’s…I don’t think I need to repeat what they’ve said.

What I’m really going to say here will probably earn me a few knocks though. It’s going to sound like social studies.

Be pragmatic. We learn in school that pragmatism is one part of good governance. Well, it’s certainly applicable here. Pragmatism says that it’s okay to buy from ODEX so long as you can live with the quality flaws. Pragmatism says that this is because

One, a monopoly is a monopoly. Even if it’s bad, we’ve pretty much nowhere else to buy anime…

Two, cheap is cheap. ODEX sale at Chuang Yi’s bazaar is case in point. Beat that price. I quote tsubaki, who ranted against ODEX himself: It’s even more cheaper (sic) than pirated VCDs.

Be pragmatic. Don’t fill yourself with emotional rhetoric of anti-ODEX hate. Rhetoric will get you nowhere. Just look at Malaysia…

And yes, practise what you preach. Between my friend and I, I think we’ve bought 30 or more boxsets from ODEX. Yes, we share the cost, but still…

See, the latest episode of Code Geass actually says a little about this. Emotions cloud your judgement.

Suzaku did just that and suceeded in carrying out his part of the rescue attempt while…

Cornelia, struggling with Euphemia’s capture, was previously unable to act against the hoteljackers.


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My personal gripe is the lack of alternatives.

What i want is good quality stuff. Who cares about those lousy vcds. I don’t mind paying more. It says alot when all fansubs are better in quality (subbing and video) than those odex vcds.

Admittedly, ODex’s production teams is very small. but still….. why nobody else is coming in!

Comment by TedFox

I think it’s because no one else has enough guts or financial muscle to enter the market…

Comment by rdrake

Cornelia’s misspelled there 😛

Comment by aurabolt

Oops, sorry, never noticed it…editting…

Comment by rdrake

I buy when I can.

I just hope they don’t fuck up SHnY, not because I hate them (I don’t, it’s their attitude to the community I do not like), but because I wanna see some spontaneous combustion.

Comment by drmchsr0

hmm, i actually bought a few series from them before …Well, the quality isn’t great but I guess the price doesn’t hurt too much. However, i do have quite a few concerns.

Comment by Impzie

[…] from various anime bloggers in Singapore, the rumors are that ODEX are going to find otakus (yeah I know it maybe an […]

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Pragmatic as it is, I still say we need to fight the pwoer. I dunno, buy more imports, or better still,s et up a rival company to ODEX somehow.

Something needs to be done. We NEED to fight da powah !

Comment by Phineas Lucis

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