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7D away in Osaka
December 4, 2006, 5:57 pm
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Well, just to say something before I go. I’ll be taking a one week vacation in Osaka from 8th December to 15th December. Not exactly sure what I intend to do there, but most certainly I won’t be around here to write stuff up. Well, see you guys then, it’ll only be one week…

Oh, and does anyone know what’s good to see and do in Osaka?


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See and do? In Osaka, you have to try mitsuragi dango, takoyaki, okonominiyaki, x-yaki, n-yaki, ?-yaki. In short, everything that is laced with their weird but delicious sweet sauce XD

(wait… it isn’t ‘see and do’, its more ‘eat’ for me >.>) Good luck with the kansai-ben, anyway ^__^

Comment by umehiko

Eh, no problem, so far what I’m getting from travel brochures that truly interest me are mostly eat, eat, and eat too.

…And what’s kansai-ben?

Comment by rdrake


Haai~ But simply put, it’s dialect. From the Kansai region.

Comment by umehiko

Ok…should have known…

Comment by rdrake

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