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Pre-vacation rushes
December 7, 2006, 1:00 am
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Well, today was the day I used to catch up with whatever anime/manga/figurine related issues I still have before I take off for Osaka. Sorry. This place doesn’t actually happen to be part of that list…

First up, I headed back to the Chuang Yi manga warehouse sale in an attempt to pick up some of those obscenely cheap VCDs. Unfortunately, my guess is that the sale of DVDs/VCDs was only on for mayb, the weekend. They were gone today, confirming a friend’s report that they were gone, and not all that likely to return. I suppose that it still is quite possible that it will return this coming weekend, but I’ll be gone before that. Now would be a good time to mutter several obscenities…

Since my shopping is pretty much done, ‘ll now announce the full haul…
1. Tenchi Muyo (English) 1-12end
2. Whatever books on Magic Knight Rayearth were around.
3. King of bandit Jing 1-7
4. Rahxephon 1-3end
5. Superpsychic Nanaki 1-3end
6. Zoids 1, 5
7. Voices of a distant star 1complete
8. Hayato the combat butler 1-7
9. Mystical Detective Loki 1-5

I think I’ll be lazy time-conscious since it’s past midnight now. I’ll put everything in a pile tomorrow and take one big photo…it’s going to be quite a pile, I guess…

Also, on my way back from Harbourfront, I stopped by at Dhoby Ghaut to try find this Sunshine Plaza place. Ok, successful, but only because of the helpful map at the MRT station. So I checked out La Tendo and the others…Fine, mainly La Tendo because they’ve got a sale on. Sadly, I saw little of interest. The Katase Shima (Stellvia) figure I noticed in a corner of Urban Attic was at a colossal price of $89. (Hey, I don’t have the same budget as other people. I already spent $83 on cheap manga…).

So on I went, over to Funan, thinking that I won’t be able to afford the same figure at Urban Attic either. Imagine my surprise when Weiye (the kind and noble guy who runs Urban Attic) mentioned that his was going for $30. 30 out of 89…hmm, almost one third the price. Ok, the box was slightly damaged at the top, looks like it may have been crushed, but for such a price difference, I can live with that…

Weiye says this figure happens to be his last piece and that he is desperately trying to rid himself of it. He appears to have alot of ‘last pieces’ though…(heard that? Bargain hunters?)

Oh, and his new namecards arrived or something. I think I’ll scan it in tomorrow…so funny…


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ooh, Matantei Loki! But 1-5? You bought MaLoRagnarok first or something? O__o

Comment by umehiko

Just a sec…I think I’m getting confused…Oh, yea, there were two sets, one black, one white…

I think I’ve got the white one…

Comment by rdrake

@ my last visit to sunshine plaza (last week) la tendo’s prices weren’t very attractive. But ani-play’s prices seemed like a very good salve to me.

time to go down to urban attic. Got Christmas present to get ah! haha

Comment by TedFox

Weiye now owes me for bringing him in a customer…

@tedfox: Get two, you can probably afford it at the same price one would cost.

Comment by rdrake

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