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Kansai reporting
December 10, 2006, 10:13 pm
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Ok, I managed to get some time to update things here in Osaka. Let’s see…damn, these Japanese keybnoards are crazy to use…

I should be able to check in here and around daily, since there’s a free to use computer with internet connection here in the hotel lobby…and also because the winter day in Japan ends at maybe 5PM…after that, there’s not much to do outside…

Well, first off, I’m based in Osaka, but have been travelling over pretty much all off Kansai. It’s quite amazing how the whole place is connected via railway lines. So far been to Kyoto to see kimonos, Nara to see the deer park, and Himeji (Kobe) to see Himeji-jyo. (That would be Himeji Castle). That should be about all the rail line travel there’s going to be. Rest of the trip will be within Osaka itself.

Food is good. So far I’ve had okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba (for Tsuruya-san!), tonkatsu, kare-raisu, udon…

Ok, skip to the good part then. At Himeji (and to think that that place is more of a tourist town, actually…), I found a nice little (ok, fine, it’s about the size of a supermarket already)shop selling used and new books/manga/games/music. First three choices are out, no thanks to language barriers, so of course I check out the music section. Found some (used?) discs going for ¥50 apiece, that’s like…SGD 0.70? All singles. Picked up a whole mass, but most of you probably recognise only a couple of them.

Honoh no tobira – FictionJunction YUUKA. From the cover, this came from Gundam Seed Destiny…most likely, I guess…

Snow Kiss – Nirgilis. YAY! The song that Tsubaki ranked top of ADD rawr’s ED pick of the month.

As I said, plenty more, but at that price…50 yen…oh my…Sorry, but I won’t be going back to Himeji, so try not start to bombard me with shopping requests, I don’t exactly have all that much money to blow anyway. But what I can do is to look out for stuff, and if within my means, yea, maybe I’ll be nice and help people buy stuff. Must be small items!

Leave any requests as comments…

Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention something. Purchase requests mainly available only to Singaporeans, unless one can come up with a satisfactory method of transfer…


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No purchase requests here,

Hope you enjoy your remaining trip in Japan, I’m planning to go to Tokyo when I graduate from Uni. Watch your budget, it can get dangerous, what with all the anime merchandise and all.

If you could, just glance at the anime figures and I’d appreciate it if you can give me a rough estimate (A Yen Figure will suffice) on 1/6 PVC figures in Japan, I’m trying to judge whether its actually a lot cheaper to buy from Japan.

Have a Safe Trip,

Comment by darkshaunz

Aww I wanna go to Japan! >_< but I don’t know nearly enough Japanese to survive there 😛

Comment by Danny

@Darkshaunz: No problem. I’ll see what I can do, though for that it might be better to ask someone in Tokyo, since Kansai isn’t exactly all that big on anime merchandise. You’re looking out for 1/6 size, right?

@Danny: Neither do I, actually. And contrary to popular opinion, Japanese people aren’t exactly as fluent in english as most seem to think, what with them taking english lessons and all…Thankfully, the other members of my family know enough…

Comment by rdrake


50 yen singles~! *envies*

Glad to see you are having fun, though XD

Comment by umehiko

@umehiko: …eh, can’t quite help you out there now…

Aren’t you having your holidays too?

Comment by rdrake


Comment by Tsubaki

@Tsubaki: Now that you mention that, I really should have done it…I’ll see…

Comment by rdrake

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