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Traveller notes part 2
December 11, 2006, 9:48 pm
Filed under: General Schtuff, Japan, Manga

Well, today went to Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Nto much to write about there, so I’ll do something on earlier stuff…

What in Japan is hard to get used to? Three things. And they never seem so bad in anime…

1. Japanese railway lines are utterly confusing. They crisscross all over the place, turn here, turn there, consist of several different private operating companies…well, let’s just say that SBS and SMRT are small fry compared to this mess…
2. Japanese smoke alot. Terribly so. Everywhere you go, there’s somebody blowing smoke into your face. NOOO! I don’t want to die so early from passive smoking! I haven’t watched enough anime yet.
3. Japanese must really love their cell phones. Everyone seems to have one…and uses it alot. Example? Heck, at USJ, most people used their phones to take their photos. The remainder probably accounts for all the foreigners, so…Really brings to mind DarkMirage’s statement that every Japanese has a cellphone surgically attached to his/her hand…

And wow, these Japanese must be crazy. Whatever fits into a vending machine goes…that explains the plentitude of cigarettes…I mean, come on, is that a ice cream vending machine over there?

Ok, for anyone who thinks that manga is cheaper in Japan than back home? Forget it. Most likely applicable only to Americans. Asian publishing houses go for roughly the same prices. Average yen price of manga here is 500 yen upwards, UPWARDS. So forget it. 500 yen is roughly 6.75 SGD. Chuang Yi does stuff cheaper, and in a more accessible language too.
Then again, I was looking at the more quality, well-known stuff. Totally skipped over all that yaoi…OMG! There must have been more shelf space devoted to yaoi than normal stuff…

Hmm, looking from my Nirgilis covers, well, if there’s still anyone thinking that Nirgilis is a solo female artiste, you’re wrong. Nirgilis is actually a group. I suppose that easily explains a very distnctive music style, rather than simply a distinct voice. Well, anyway, their website is over at www.nirgilis.com.

Ok, that’s it for today. More tomorrow, hopefully…


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We have ice cream vending machines in Singapore too O.o The mini melt thing. Never tried it though ._.

They sell yaoi in USJ?! O__o||| Oh, and do they have pachinko over there where you are? >D

Comment by umehiko

Er, erm…No wait, the yaoi and stuff were at this bookshop near my hotel, not in USJ…damn, bad choice of phrasing…

Comment by rdrake

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