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Rush hour ni Youkouso
December 12, 2006, 6:39 pm
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Well, something about Japanese rail lines. Never take them during rush hour. It’s a painful experience…

Ok, short post till I edit later, but here goes. I went on a shopping trip in the Minami area of Osaka, and I found another music shop. No really cheap stuff this time, though, unless you’re looking for mostly non-anime stuff.

So there comes the problem. I have a really limited budget, and can only buy a few (read handfull) cds. I need to know exactly what to get…Things also depend on how much I can borrow, and if anyone is willing to put money down right now…

Top few choices right now?
1. Haruhi singles (Character discs 1-3, OP, ED)
2. Fate/Stay Night OSTs
3. Negima?! OP single
4. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto OP single
5. Xenosaga 3 OST
6. Valkyrie Profile OST Silmeria side
7. Kanon OST vol2 (I think this would be for the old Kanon, not 2006)
8. Bleach movie OST
9. Bleach OPED single collection
10. Gundam Seed/ Destiny OPED collection
11. Final Fantasy 12 Limited Edition OST
12. Yakitate Japan OPED set
13. Super Robot Taisen OP single

Well, most of them cost between 1200 yen to 3000++ yen. I know I always do things on short notice, but yea, any help on what I ought to get first that you guys are sure to buy from me back in Singapore?

 Also picked up some very interesting little thingies. They’re supposed to be manga boxes. Made of some soft material, I think. You pack your manga into them, zip it up, then store the whole thing somewhere, without fear of dust attacking your precious manga…I picked up maybe 6-8 of them? I think I’ll keep one or two for myself, then sell the rest. I mean, look, the Chuang Yi manga sale just finished right? Most of you probably are getting headaches finding places to keep all the books you dragged home. Well, worry no more…

Anyway, I’m not sure, but I’m considering doing a little something. Charge a little extra over the cost of each item I bring back from Japan and sell. Then send the profits over to animeblogger.net or something. Must try to help out after all, real shame if people like Tsubaki have to close down out of a lack of effort.


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wow manga boxes … that I never heard of .. cool ~~

I think that instead of buying cds to bring over .. u should bring back more interesting stuffs like the manga boxes whereby its not found in singapore …

or … I know .. u can bring back something from a “Burasera” shop … lol ~~

Comment by Alafista

ahh Negima!? OP is awesome!! xD

Comment by Danny

remember that you can get CDs easily through CDjapan and Yesasia so buy only the Japan only items!!!

That manga box sounds good though. I never buy music at all because I am cheap.

Comment by tj han

@Alafista: Burasera??? What’s that?

@All: I see, ok then that’s decided. Anyone still want the music can ask, but I’ll bring back these so called ‘interesting stuff’. Was wondering about cds because Tsubaki seemed to want some…

I think those manga boxes aren’t easily found in Singapore because manga is less a part of the majority’s lives than in Japan.

Comment by rdrake

I only want Hirano Aya’s Asu no Prism single, but another reader of mine happens to be in Japan now. Not sure whether he’s getting it for me or not. Lol.

Comment by Tsubaki

GAH! If you can get it cheaper than what CDJapan offers, then I’d like to request

1. Haruhi singles (Character discs 1-3, OP, ED)

Onegai shimasu~!

Comment by umehiko

Non-anime you say… Perhaps you can check out Eri Nobuchika self titled album (Nobuchikaeri)? Another would be Polysics, “Now is the time”. If it’s around SGD$25, I’ll take it.

Comment by mrmayat

Yokai. Will work on that…Ploysics, don’t think I’ve seen them though…

Comment by rdrake

Bother, couldn’t find anything you guys wanted except Umehiko’s stuff…damn, I liked Asu no Prism too…Well, hope elohir can find it for you, Tsubaki.

Comment by rdrake

waai, thankies! oh, and if possible, can you get the God Knows/Lost My Music/ Koi no Mikuru densetsu CD too? :3

Comment by umehiko

How’s your “moy-ing” experience? lol.

“Burasera” = bloo(mer) sailor; panty fetishism, especially with teenage girls wearing school outfits (“sailor suits”) and bloomers.


Also, I have been welcomed by the internets. 😛

Comment by Ronin

mmmm…..head down to namba dude. Theres a tower records on top of the muji down there. Btw…what hotel? And…if you cant get umehikos stuff, ill try. Though,im left with about 3000¥九層! See you around..

Comment by elohir

@umehiko: Got your stuff, but not anymore than those 5 I said I could get. By the way, it costs quite a lot, all five of them together…

@ronin: …o-kay…

@elohir: yea, I was staying at the comfort hotel Shinsaibashi, which is pretty much next to the namba area. I didn’t go to the tower records there though, was hanging around the Dotombori river area more than the namba station one…

Comment by rdrake

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