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December 15, 2006, 9:49 am
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Ok, I’m at the Kansai International Airport right now, just waiting for my flight home to open gates. Sorry I haven’t been around for the past couple of days or so, but I switched hotels.

Lot’s of things seen and done the past week, I think, and most of my thoughts on them probably border on irrevalent. Example, I’m wondering why train interiors are pretty bare in anime while in reality, they are flooded with advertisments. Walls, doors, even hanging from the ceiling you find those ads. I must say though, that would probably be quite some work for anyone intending to draw them all…

Something else? The Japanese are far more high-tech than they let off. Heck, they’ve pretty much automated everything. Even to their toilets, with motion sensors for every sink…Remember the vending machines? I thought the hot soup one was pretty novel an idea, but the one that was selling T-shirts-in-a-can took the cake. Selling things like T-shirts from vending machines. Small wonder, though, from the people who invented the gachapon machine.

Ok, just a couple of stuff left to say. One, if anyone is interested in the manga boxes I’m bringing back to sell, I’ve got about 16 with me. What I need to know is how much you guys are willing to fork out for one. I’m thinking something between 2-3 dollars each.

Also, I’m intending to also sell some of the singles I bought over there to try cover part of the costs incurred on the trip. No time now, but I’ll most likely be over at the STAC Resolutions event tomorrow, and if you can find me somehow, we can talk.

ARGH, plane coming, will continue later.


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gao, how much is the toatal cost of 5 cds exactly? Dunno how much to bring >.>

Comment by umehiko

Eh, 1200 yen each…so total is 6000 yen? How much in SGD is that?

Comment by rdrake

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