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Stuff to sell
December 17, 2006, 4:17 pm
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Anyways, just a little regarding the items I brought back from Osaka to sell here.

First and foremost, the manga boxes which seemed in demand is no longer with me. Weiye kindly offered to buy them all off me and sell them himself. So this means that should you intend to go buy some, no need to approach me anymore, you can go straight to Urban Attic to get them. Here’s a sample picture of one:

No, the books don’t come with them…

Next, of the items I didn’t sell to Weiye are these interesting little plastic boxes for keeping little figurines. Not exactly very big, but there’s quite alot of stuff that may fit, like the small little ones that line the glass walls of La Tendo. Trying to sell these too, contact me if you’re interested. I’ve only got 2 or 3 left. Sample pictures:

Last group of items on the list is a set of music cds. All singles. I think I’ll sell them at 5 dollars each.

Get Wild – Tamaki Nami
Result – Tamaki Nami
STYLE~get glory in this hand~ – High and Mighty Color
Addicted to you – Utada Hikaru
Passion – Utada Hikaru
Be my last – Utada Hikaru
Bold and Delicous/PRIDE – Hamasaki Ayumi
Cragy Mama – hitomi

Oh, I almost forgot, I said I’ll scan in Weiye’s new name card. Ok, here it is, the back seems rather…unusual…


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…..man u didn’t buy anything i asked. lol maybe u have ur reasons, abit sad yes.

Comment by tsp

I know, sorry, very sorry. Didn’t have alot of money to buy stuff also…

Comment by rdrake

yeah well it’s ok, u wanted to buy ur own stuff too right?

Comment by tsp

Hey, dunno why, but your comments always appear in my akismet spam, so hor, apologise if i accidentally delete them or take to long to un mark as spam

Comment by TedFox

No worries, I’m used to it. So far, it also happens the same way with DarkMirage and Tsubaki…

Which is sad…

Comment by rdrake

That’s why you use Karma Spam 😛

Comment by aurabolt

Interesting stuff you have there. :p But no, I’m not buying anything. I got all the stuff I wanted liaoz…

Comment by elohir

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