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Urban Attic Clearance Sale!
December 21, 2006, 12:07 am
Filed under: Figurines, General Schtuff

Big news. Weiye of Urban Attic has announced that he will be having a major direction shift in his store. He’s going to cut down on figurines and start selling stuff like plushies. I wish him luck, and am not going to ruin his business by talking about it…hehe…

Ok, that’s not so newsy as the next bit. Obviously, for him to shift products, he needs to clear his storeroom first. You know the that locked room at the back? Yea, it’s chokingly full of figurines that he wants to be ridden of. And who is there to help him do that? (Rhethorical question…)

Well, Weiye has requested that we keep the date of his clearance sale secret for now, so keep checking back here for that date…Oh, and other reasons to visit? He might let Umehiko and I print out these groovy coupons which lets people jump queue and get better stock…Sure, that’s only a consideration right now, but…

Ok, now the nice part. Umehiko took some interesting pictures of ALL the stuff we unpacked and stocktook…

I still think the last one is the best…

Damn, the pictures are too large…Ok, I’ll post the links to the full photos instead. Warning, The file size might be a little big, wonder how Umehiko took such big ones….

First photo
Second photo

Third photo


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Can’t wait, can;t wait!


^~^ ahaha.

Comment by umehiko

Lolz, but he didn’t put it up for sale, right? So it’s still full cost?

Comment by rdrake

when is it ??? please tell me!!!!!!

Comment by jinyamato

Did you just say, he changed his direction from figurines to figurines?

Comment by tj han

@tj_han: Oh great, I must have been not much more awake than Umehiko when I wrote this. I’ll go change it…

@jinyamato: Yea, Yea, all in due time. Weiye doesn’t want to be swamped I think, and so he’s keeping that date secret…

Comment by rdrake

well … up to now I haven’t been convinced to buy anything from them yet … most of the time I still get my stuffs my La Tendo, KKnM, CSC and online …

Comment by alafista

[…] Rdrake first dropped hints. Riuva then announced massive price cuts. Now I’ve got the date and time! Dropped down to urban attic today and pestered Weiye for the time and date of the sale. […]

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