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Merry Christmas Folks
December 24, 2006, 11:46 pm
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Well, it’s the time of the year again. You know it’s coming when Jpop singles start including Christmas music. Examples? FLOW’s COLORS included this song Love Dub while Nirgilis’ Snow Kiss had a X’mas version of Tokyo Hahen (from an earlier album).

Sadly, Weiye did not hold his anime figurine clearance sale as planned. Yea, the original date was supposed to be today, but he’s pushed it off. So that means that…no last minute Christmas gifts, lolz…Well, I’ll keep you guys updated on the new date, as soon as I’m allowed to publish it.

Well, instead of doing a possibly boring write-up on Christmas Eve, I decided to just do some reflections instead.

To tell the truth, this has been a somewhat busy year for me. Since it’s a crucial exam year, I had no choice but to devote more time to studies than to watching anime. Ditto for writing up posts here. Strangely though, I seem to have done more in the early stages of this blog which only started a few months ago, than during the holidays. (Truthfully, I’m not sure. But I think most of the anime related posts were early on).

I only realized what the heck was going on recently. It wasn’t just the exams. I was finding myself feeling pressured to find a way into the animeblogging community because of my natural instinct to try fit in. The whole issue was pressuring me somewhat and making me feel that anime was becoming something of a chore to handle alongside studies. To make things worse, I don’t do episode reviews, never have, and never will. Episode reviews are easy. The series reviews I do more are much harder, and also entail alot more memory work and anime watching. Basically, I ended up rushing myself in both work and play. Got to thank aurabolt for indirectly pointing this out to me when he decided to cut down on episode reviews himself, saying it was too stressful.

So now that things have slowed down somewhat during the holidays, I’ve thought the issue through. Since this place and all the other friendly bloggers are too important to me to just drop suddenly, I need a new direction for this place…

Simply this, if series reviews don’t come by easily, then I shouldn’t pressure myself to do them when there’s simply nothing to do. (We all know how long a series takes to end…) What I’ll be doing in the new year will probably entail something more along the lines of commentaries.

Issue or Idea from ??? anime

Seems simple enough, yet it’s not exactly something I see alot, browsing through my limited blogroll. What do I mean by Issue or Idea? Well, sort of like…never mind, wait till the first few posts come out and see for yourself.

Ok, that pretty much sounds like a new year resolution now, my goodness…

And that’s it for Christmas…Oh almost forgot. Weiye, the best shopkeeper I know, and proud owner of Urban Attic gave me something for Christmas. Megahouse’s RAH DX Lacus Clyne! Thank you so very much, Weiye! I promise to help out on the day of the sale! (Hopefully you rabid fanboys do not make me regret that by forcing me into security guard mode on that day.)

DarkMirage has one too, so I’ll piggyback his photos!

Oh, and that Kasumi he has in that same post? He might kill me, but Weiye is offering them at sale price…so DM has effectively paid alot more than those guys on the sale day…

…Ditto for his Holiday Saber…which will be going for $40…AHHH! Don’t kill me DM! *runs*


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Drop me a comment when the sale comes. I can’t wait to be there! gao!

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